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The code is invalid or hard to read

Despite all our efforts, we sometimes have codes that are difficult to read or with very similar letters.

Here are some tips to try before contacting us:

  • Make sure to correctly enter the characters in the right order. Keep hyphens as indicated and consider case sensitivity.

  • Check that you are redeeming the code on the right platform.
    You can check the redeeming instructions of your game in the delivery email or the product page (section "Download").
    You can also check our database below for extensive activation guides.

  • The most common mix-ups during the redemption are between B and 8, 0 and O, S and 2 or Z and 2.
    Please try replacing these variants if your code is shown as invalid.

If the scan you received is illegible, please inform us immediately and we will replace your scan of course.

It may of course also happen that we have made a typing error upon entering the code into our system. If that happens, we will of course replace the code as well or correct the code.

If you don't manage to redeem your code even after following the suggestions above, please contact us through the "Ticket" option below and don't forget to add a screenshot of the error message.


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