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My order is stated as "Processing"

There may be several reasons why your order is shown as "processing".

Some products have a longer delivery time - you can check the product page for further information on the delivery time. 

If no information on the delivery time is given, your order should arrive within 15 minutes after the payment has been made.

Another reason might be that our stock is unexpectedly exhausted for the purchased product due to a high demand (e.g. due to a special offer). 

If you understandably do not wish to wait any longer for your order, please do not hesitate to request a refund.

If you want to contact us about an issue, please click on the "Ticket" button below this article and enter your information.

Please use the "View Order" function if you want to check your order's status. Please enter your email address and the verification code we have sent you via email.


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