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I did not receive my code, even though the order is paid

After placing your order, you will receive a verification code of your latest order in your email inbox. Please click "View order" below on this page, then input your email address or Ebay name and the verification code to check your current order status. 
Please check the support articles below for further information on what each status means and how to proceed.

In our experience, most of the time the order will have already been delivered - make sure to check your inbox and spam folder as well.

In some rare cases, the payment is not reported to us correctly, which is why we cannot send out the order yet.
If none of the articled help you resolve the issue, please send a message with your order number and your payment transaction ID/receipt number.
We can then check the payment directly at the respective payment provider to see if there is an issue with the payment itself.

If you want to contact us about an issue, please click on the "Ticket" button below this article and enter your information.


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