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Terms of Delivery

How are your products delivered?

Please be aware that we only send out digital activation codes via email. We do not send out any items such as CDs, DVDs or gametime cards postally.
Please take into account that you will need a fast internet connection in order to be able to download your product!

After paying your order, it takes about 15-20 minutes to receive your order. In order to receive your order without any delays, please make sure to enter your correct information.
Please make sure to check your inbox and spam folder, as in some cases our delivery email will get blocked due to the attached image.
Please note that orders paid with "Paypal Express" are delivered to the email linked to the Paypal account used.
Orders via Ebay will always be delivered to the email address linked in your Ebay account.

If you purchased a product and expected to receive a physical item, please contact us immediately and do not redeem the product code we have sent you.
We can take back any purchase as long as the product code has not been redeemed. After redemption, a refund is not possible anymore!
Please also check our article on our Return and Refund policy below for further information.

Is it legal to only sell digital codes?

If you are concerned about not receiving a physical copy of your product, please be assured that this is of course legal.
Most companies such as EA, Origin, Steam etc. are offering most of their products only digitally as well. If you purchase a game from a store, you will nowadays most likely not receive a CD anymore as well.
You will only find a digital activation code in the casing - which is exactly the same as we are offering.
But buying online provides a much quicker service, as you do not have to got to the store and can simply wait for the code to arrive via email!

If you want to contact us about an issue, please click on the "Ticket" button below this article and enter your information.


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