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Random Code & Lottery Policy

If you are feeling lucky and want to gamble, we offer a variety of lottery products for you to test your luck.

We have several different types of lotteries:

  • packages of 1, 5 or 10 randomly selected games
  • jackpot lottery
  • 50/50 chance

Return and refund of lottery/random products

Please kindly take notice that all our lottery and random products are excluded from our regular Return and Refund Policy, due to the gambling nature of these products.
We are not responsible for any incompatibility regarding your hardware, operating systems etc.
We cannot take back game codes because you are unsatisfied with the game that you received.

Any main prizes listed on the product page are only a preview of included prizes and are in no way guaranteed!


  • If you game code is faulty and cannot be redeemed, we will of course offer you a new random game or refund the faulty code
  • If a game from our Random packages is more expensive on our website than on the respective platform, we will refund your payment
    • Our "Money back guarantee" only applies for regular prices at the time you buy one of our games. Prices for special offers like the "Summer Sale" or prices which are reduced after you bought one of our games are excluded!

If you want to contact us about an issue, please click on the "Ticket" button below this article and enter your information.


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