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Cloud Activation Guide and FAQ

What is "Cloud Activation"?

The Cloud activation method is a fast activation method, where you will receive an activation link from us via email.
You simply need to follow the instructions on screen after clicking on the link - the game will then be automatically activated on your Steam account.

Please note that we will not send you a digital activation code and that you will be required to enter your Steam account information in this process.
We will not save your personal data nor forward your personal data to a third party for advertising purposes. We strongly recommend that you active the Steam Guard Service to protect your account.
If you have concerns about this activation method, please consider checking our webshop - we offer most games as both cloud activation and as regular digital activation codes.

How does the Cloud Activation work?

The link you will receive will guide you through the activation method easily - first, you will be prompted to log into the Steam account that you wish to activate the game on.
After entering the information, you will be asked to enter your Steam Guard code sent to you via email by Steam (or the Steam app, depending on your personal settings).
Follow the further instructions and confirm the activation of the code.
The game will be activated on your account and you will be able to download the game in your Steam library afterwards.

Why am I prompted to enter a Steam Guard code? What is a Steam Guard code and how do I receive it?

Steam Guard is a security measure that protects you Steam account. We recommend to always enable this feature, as this protects your account from any unwanted access through others.
If you enabled this feature, Steam will send you a security code via email or to the Steam App on your phone - depending on your settings.

If you do not know what Steam Guard is or how to use it, please check this link:

Should you not use this feature, we advise to activate it on your account, as it ensures your security. If you do not want to use it, please ignore the "AuthCode (Steam Guard code)" line.

The product is intended as a gift

You can of course gift our Cloud activation products to your friends and family.
Please take notice however that you cannot add the Steam game to your Steam inventory to gift the game to someone else.
You need to send them the activation link directly.

I already own the game - can I use the Cloud activation link anyway?

Steam games can only be activated once per account. If you already own the game, you cannot use the Cloud activation link. You will receive an error message indicating this.
In this case, you can send the link to a friend or family member or ask us to take back the product and refund you.

General Tips before using the Cloud Activation link:

  • we recommend using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge
  • deactivate any script- or ad-blockers in your browser for the activation process
  • please log out of and close the Steam app on your phone and PC, as well as your browser before trying to activate the game on the Cloud activation page
  • make sure to activate Steam Guard to protect your Steam account

Known Issues and Error Codes

If you encountered an issue during the activation process, please contact us immediately via the "Ticket" function below this article.
Please also check our "general tips" before using the activation link. Running the Steam client on your PC, phone or browser during the activation process may cause issues and result in a failed activation attempt.

Here is an overview of some common errors and issues:

"You have reached the maximum number of attempts"

You have 10 attempts in total to try to activate the game with our link. If all attempts failed, the link will become invalid and the activation cannot be attempted any further.
If this happens to you, please contact our customer support. We can easily reset the activation attempts for you.

"Current state: (dis)connected to/from the server."

It appears that we have more traffic as usual on our Steam activation page, which causes some customers to disconnect.
In this case we kindly ask you to wait a few hours before trying to activate the game on your Steam account again.
If you still can't activate the game, please contact us immediately.

"Your EOOR"

Something went wrong on our end. We apologise for the inconveniences. Please contact us immediately via the "Ticket" function below.

If you want to contact us about an issue, please click on the "Ticket" button below this article and enter your information.


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