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How can I return my purchase?

If you were expecting a physical copy of your game, purchased the wrong product or do not need the product anymore, we can of course take back your product.
Please be aware though that this is only possible under certain conditions: the code can only be returned as long as it has not been redeemed.
After redemption, a return and refund is unfortunately not possible anymore.

Please contact us via the "Ticket" option below and inform us which purchase you wish to return.
If you purchased multiple codes, please make sure to inform us if you wish to return the complete purchase or only a part of it. If you only wish to return part of your order, please state the exact code(s) you wish to return.
Kindly write a confirmation stating that you have not redeemed the code(s), will not attempt to redeem them any further and will not give the code to another person.

Our customer support will then inform the responsible department about the return.
We will then proceed to check the code's validity, as we have to make sure that the product has been returned in an unused state as promised.
After a positive check of the code, we will refund your payment using the same payment method that was used to make the purchase
The return and refund process takes up to seven business days.

If you have returned an order and have been waiting for longer than the mentioned timeframe, please contact us immediately via the "Ticket" option below.

Please check our Return and Refund policy linked below for further information.


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