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I have activated the key correctly but my game has not been added to my library.

Please check the product description carefully as some titles are only addons/DLCs and require the standard version of the game.

If you do not own the main game and activated a DLC, there will most likely not be an entry in your game library.
Please acquire the main game as well. You should then be able to check the game details and see in the additional content section if your DLC/addon code has been successfully redeemed.
Unfortunately, some platforms such as Uplay and Origin allow for DLC codes to be redeemed without owning the main game. If you are redeeming a DLC code on Steam without the main game, you will receive an error message and won't be able to redeem the code until you purchase the main game.

You can also check your licence overview/activation history to check if your code was redeemed on your account.

Make sure to check if you perhaps find the game in the "hidden" section of your game library.

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